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Your Personal Vision Statement: A Template For Change

Are you living your life your way? Is your career what you want it to be?

Over the past few months, Anne Whitaker, M.S., J.D., has taken us through the eight steps of developing a personal vision through a series of articles. In this article, the last in the series, she takes us through the culmination of the process: creating a Personal Vision Statement. 

Whereas most of the exercises so far have involved the left side of the brain (the side responsible for logical, rational thinking), this final step involves the right side of the brain (the more creative side). Before you dismiss the power of creativity, think about times when answers to problems have unexpectedly popped into your mind, perhaps while you were in the shower or mowing the lawn. The right side of the brain is quietly processing information, and if we give it the appropriate space and attention, it can provide answers and insight. Using both sides of your brain, take the three steps outlined by Anne to create your own Personal Vision Statement.

A Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC) for more than 15 years, Anne Whitaker is uniquely positioned to speak to legal professionals about their career growth and development. A former practicing attorney, educator and business owner, Anne has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and coach to the legal community. Anne combines her legal experience, coach training and expertise, and business acumen to assist her clients in achieving their career and life goals, and has worked with individuals and groups across the country.

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Your Personal Vision Statement: A Template For Change

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