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Why Is Your Boss So Dismissive?

micro-managing boss man

micro-managing boss manWe all have our moments when we dismiss another person’s idea. Then again, we all have our moments when we can be understanding and patient. But, sometimes some of us are more dismissive or more understanding more of the time. It’s in these cases that a tricky Natural Ability may be running the show.

Enter: Classification.

Classification is an ability revealed by the Highlands Ability Battery that shows how you size up a situation. If you score high in this area, you likely see solutions as obvious and are eager to move on, while others are left wondering how you were able to reach a conclusion. If you score low, you are likely patient in listening to others and follow through on your decisions or actions.

What Does This Have to Do With Your Boss?

We’ll tell you.

high classification natural abilityPeople with High Classification may be perceived as arrogant and dismissive. Because of their High Classification, they can be unwilling to wait for others to catch up. Instead, they may be quick to react, to give advice, to leap ahead, and to avoid consultation. They tend to micromanage or to do the work themselves rather than explain it to someone else.

Sound like your boss?

A leader with High Classification will need to work hard to assemble data and opinions before making a decision; something that comes easily to someone with Low Classification who naturally structures the work of his or her staff, elicits their input, and makes decisions based on logic and past experience.

How to Handle Your Dismissive Boss Who Has High Classification?

First, give your boss the benefit of the doubt. It’s most likely she just thinks differently than you. Second, communicate how you think and how you’d like to receive information. Last, ask about having your entire team take the Highlands Ability Battery. It will reveal communication, learning, and other practices essential to workplace success. Best of all, it will show you how to handle your dismissive boss best.