Why Us?

Students, adults, and business leaders take the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB) for many reasons. Whether you are deciding on a college major, a career change, or what to do in retirement, you’ll find that the results of your HAB will apply to wherever you are in life.

Do These Concerns Sound Familiar?

  • You are the parent of a high school student, and you’d like to see your child get excited about exploring careers.
  • You are a high school student, and you don’t know what jobs are out there for someone like you.
  • You did well in almost all subjects in high school, but college is a different story, and you’re re-thinking your path.
  • You recently graduated and are more confused than ever!
  • As an independent adult, you are facing a turning point. After a shift in your job situation, you need to know what’s next, and you need to know it’s the right choice.
  • You are stuck in your career. You need a jump start.
  • You know you have potential as a business leader. It’s time to stop wasting your talent.
  • You are about to embark on your second act. What’s next?

You are not alone in your career uncertainty. All of us face challenges when it comes to finding professional success. With the HAB and the Highlands Whole Person Method, you will address your concerns and take an active role in your journey of self-discovery.

Don’t just take our word for it, though. (See the career assessment test reviews at the bottom of the page.)

Highlands Compared to Other Career Assessments

The HAB looks at your natural abilities and reveals how you are hardwired. This is an invaluable insight.

In 2003, Colorado State University conducted a survey of students who completed the HAB, MBTI, the Strong Inventory, and True Colors. Students were asked to rank each test in order of effectiveness. The results speak for themselves. (Click here for more HAB research.)

highlands compared to other assessments

Still Not Sure About the HAB? Hear What Clients Have to Say About Our Career Assessment.

More Career Assessment Test Reviews for the HAB

“I was so excited about what I had learned about myself that I decided to share this information with others through my coaching practice. I have since trained to provide the Highlands Ability Battery and use the tool with my Career Transition Clients and young adults who are choosing a career path.”

“I was surprised by how well my strengths do match my job—the #1 benefit of this exercise.”

“Excellent tool for determining ‘next steps’ in your career.”

“Gave me some ideas for future areas to explore (personal and professional) for more satisfaction.”

“Really enjoyed…will be able to use the information for future plans and goals.”

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