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What Is Talent Development?

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You’ve most likely heard the term “talent development” before, but what exactly is it?

Talent development focuses on how to develop employee skills and competencies. Organizations provide learning opportunities and tools for employees to advance their overall careers. Talent development is a business strategy that companies implement to retain their top talented employees.

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What Makes Talent Development Special?

Developing talent is one of the best ways to assure an organization has the leadership it will need for a successful future. Few organizations have a sufficient supply of talent. Gaps exist in every company and talent is more and more scarce, so it needs to be managed.

What Is the Talent Development Management Process?

Talent is developed in numerous ways other than just traditional training and development. It can be obtained by coaching, job shadowing, lectures, mentoring, rotations, books, articles, assessments, and more.

In order for a process to be successful, it needs to start at the top with senior executives. Leaders nurture talent development by:

  • Being a role model and sharing what they know
  • Reinforcing the belief that what employees do is important
  • Emphasizing the value of learning
  • Acting as coaches
  • Using work problems as real-world training opportunities

Talent development processes require careful planning and execution in order to be effective and sustainable. If you or your organization is interested in developing a program, contact The Highlands Company. We offer leadership career assessments, workshops, and more.