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Use Your Long-Term Goals to Motivate You

Having meaningful goals that keep you focused on what you want to create for your career and life will help keep your feet moving in the right direction and keep your life in balance.

Establishing long-term goals is the secret to hitting short-term goals. Without a greater sense of purpose and a fundamental conviction that our daily lives are building to something significant, the smaller steps to get there can easily become crowded out by other, more urgent concerns.

In this article, Anne Whitaker explains the significance of setting long-term goals and provides multiple exercises so that you can establish your own. Even if you’re a champion goal-setter, you’ll find fresh insight and inspiration in learning how to connect your daily routine with long-term goals.

A Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC) for more than 15 years, Anne Whitaker is uniquely positioned to speak to legal professionals about their career growth and development. A former practicing attorney, educator and business owner, Anne has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and coach to the legal community. Anne combines her legal experience, coach training and expertise, and business acumen to assist her clients in achieving their career and life goals, and has worked with individuals and groups across the country.

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Use Your Long-Term Goals to Motivate You

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