The Highlands Whole Person Method

The Highlands Whole Person Method empowers you to make career and life decisions based on your natural abilities. The Method is both high-tech and high-touch, and includes our online career test for adults, students, and business leaders.

The Four Steps of the Highlands Whole Person Method

  1. The proprietary and high-tech Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB), our abilities assessment
  2. Customized reports that detail your HAB results
  3. A debrief with a Highlands Certified Consultant (This is the high-touch component.)
  4. The Highlands Whole Person Model that takes into consideration all aspects of your life and gives you a concrete understanding of your journey of self-discovery

How Does the HAB Work?

The Method begins with the online career test. You will complete a collection of timed performance-based worksamples that objectively measure your natural talents. There are 18 abilities measured plus a vocabulary component. It takes about three hours and can be completed at home.

What Do the Reports Show?

For career explorers, the HAB reports include a list of potential jobs for which you would be well-suited. For career developers, the assessment reports include information about roles and responsibilities that complement your profile.

But the real magic lies in the talents revealed. Some of your talents could be specialized, like a gift for music, design, or theoretical thought; others will be specific to the environments, communication styles, and roles where you would thrive.

With the HAB, you will clearly see how to capitalize on your strengths. That means you can begin to make informed decisions and transform your career. (See sample reports here.)

How Does a Highlands Certified Consultant Help?online career test for adults

The Highlands Company has certified hundreds of career professionals in the Highlands Whole Person Method. When you work with a consultant, he or she will show you how to take the HAB, interpret your reports, and help you understand how to align your natural abilities with other factors—like your life experience, your values, and your interests. These factors and your abilities together create a model of your whole self, which is not an easy thing to assess on your own. (Learn more about the model, the fourth step in the Method, here.)

That’s why we don’t offer the HAB to individuals without a Highlands Certified Consultant. You won’t get the full value of the assessment results without that high-touch component.

The Highlands Whole Person Method is an investment in yourself, and it WILL lead to a better understanding of your natural talents, and to a more rewarding career.

Take the next step. Take an online career test for adults, students, and business leaders. Contact us to get started.