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The HAB and Self-Discovery: Sara Daves

As the gold standard of assessing natural abilities, the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is used all over the world in a variety of ways to help people better understand themselves and live their lives with purpose and intention. Sara Daves, a Highlands Certified Consultant, is using the HAB in conjunction with innate personality typing and defense mechanism profiling to help women discover and claim their purpose.

Read Sara’s story, told in her own words, and be inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit and the potential for growth that can be found in every difficult experience.

Sara’s Story

The path to my purpose began when with the most traumatic life event that I could have ever experienced as a mother. My beautiful son, Trey, died at age 23. His death completely rocked my world to the core. Faced with the most intense grief imaginable over such profound loss of this amazing human being, I eventually had no choice but to change everything that my life had become, or else I knew that I would end up stuck in a grief pit for the rest of my life.  

Prior to his departure, my life looked pretty “normal” on the outside, according to societal expectations. I had been climbing the corporate ladder as fast as I could. Even though I was miserable in that climb, I decided I didn’t have any other choice – society showed me this was how you do life. I wasn’t showing up in my full authenticity and I was slowly becoming a shell of myself.

After his death, I set out on a radical quest for personal healing. I embarked on a three-year spiritual boot camp where I battled internal and external conflicts like never before. I learned about myself, I got uncomfortable, I grew.

I sought out mentors and healing modalities and discovered new ways of being. These new life experiences created the space for a profound self-understanding and healing.

My awareness of the intricate connection of everything expanded.

Photo by Kalen Emsley on Unsplash

I learned how to take responsibility for my own healing – and that happiness is within and can never be taken away. It was the debilitating pain along with radical compassion for myself that became the catalyst for realizing my life’s purpose.

I learned that the human life experience is dualistic. You must travel through the darkness to reach the light. The more darkness you experience, the brighter the light is on the other side. The only caveat is that you must choose the light when it’s time. This is an exercise in free will.

Today, my purpose is to anchor the consciousness of oneness on the planet by disrupting our broken systems. I do this by teaching others how to reclaim their life from the systems that keep us all trapped and blocked from living our true purpose and help them step into that purpose.  

When we realize our true reason for being alive, our entire life changes for the better, and so does the world.

We are here to grow into the truest, authentic version of ourselves. Either we hurt enough that we have no choice but to discover our true selves or we learn enough that we want to. And we don’t have to do it alone. The way a shaman and my once mentor explained it to me was, “Doing this work alone is like cleaning your own wounds. It can be so painful that you are bound to leave some of the dirt inside. And then what’s left is an infection.”

We are relational beings and we’re all connected, and we are not meant to take this journey alone.

Your Story

Becoming familiar with the intricacies of your core self helps to build the inner resilience necessary to become unbreakable in your authenticity. It is never too late and it doesn’t matter what has happened in your life thus far, you can still achieve the life experience you desire. We cannot know how the life circumstances we have endured will help us get to where we need to be – we cannot immediately see how our experiences are helping us move closer to accessing our authenticity and living through the lens of the core self. 

In order to embark on this path, you must first give yourself permission to embrace your true authentic self. It is up to you to be WILLING to unlock that door. I invite you to courageously step across the threshold and into a thrilling new life experience.  

Self-Discovery and the HAB

I have developed a 12-week intensive program to help women discover and claim their purpose. My program blends natural abilities testing, innate personality typing and defense mechanism profiling to create an in-depth personal profile. Together, we delve into your unique experiences and talents and uncover all the beauty of your unique, natural being that may have gotten buried while growing up within the broken systems we’ve all endured.

Together, we embark upon an eye-opening journey toward realizing your beautiful, bad-ass self, and uncover the brightest, authentic version of you. Through radical self-understanding, the blocks and beliefs you’ve been unknowingly carrying around can be uncovered and forever shattered. Barriers that keep you from living the life that was meant for you begin to dissolve.

It is your divine right to live into your purpose, wildly and fully.  

The truth is, you are needed here on Earth. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here. When you’re ready to move into your own bright light, I’ll be here, ready to guide you.

Highlands Consultant Sara Daves is an intuitive purpose coach who teaches women how to clarify their true life’s purpose and step into their authenticity so they can thrive. While she primarily works with women, she also extends her services to anyone who desires to live an authentic life and live their purpose. Sara is also a conflict resolution expert. She facilitates conflicts with couples, families and organizations, to resolve issues at the core level and uncover solutions that benefit everyone involved.

Sara Daves Consulting
Purpose Coach, Conflict Resolution Expert