High-Touch Consultation

The Highlands Whole Person Method is both high-tech and high-touch. The high-tech piece rests on the proprietary Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB) and the 30+ page reports you get as a result, and the high-touch piece rests on your consultation with a Highlands Certified Consultant.

What to Expect From Your Consultation

Your consultant will work with you to interpret your HAB results through the filter of the Highlands Whole Person Model. (He or she will also teach you about the many uses of this comprehensive tool, but you can learn more here, too.)

More specifically, you can expect the following from your consultation:

  • An explanation of each result and how each ability can be used in your life, education, and work.
  • A look at how your abilities affect the four major areas of your life, something we call the four key dimensions. These are the environment in which you are most satisfied and successful; the way you take in new information best; how you make decisions and solve problems most effectively; and how you communicate ideas to others.
  • Assistance in making sound choices in your education and career, including a deep look at what areas of study or jobs would suit you best.

Get a Closer Look at The Highlands Process

Take a look at this video to learn more about the assessment consultation. Hear several of our clients explain why it can be so powerful. When you’re ready, contact The Highlands Company to get connected with a Certified Consultant who can serve you best.