Take the HAB

The Highlands Whole Person Method is a four-step program that starts with The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB), an online life and career assessment that is made up of 19 timed worksamples. The HAB takes about three hours to complete and can be done anywhere you have an internet connection.

Three Ways to Start the HAB Life and Career Assessment

1. Ask your school counselor, HR director, therapist, or career coach if he or she is certified in The Highlands Whole Person Method. If so, he or she can administer the HAB for you.

2. Find a Highlands Certified Consultant in our online directory. Search by name, location, and types of clients served.

3. Contact The Highlands Company. We can connect you to a consultant that meets your needs.

Why You Need to Work With a Certified Consultant

After you take the HAB you will receive multiple reports (more than 30 pages of data!) that require some interpretation based on the Highlands Whole Person Method. All Highlands Certified Consultants have undergone training and are equipped to guide you on your journey of self-discovery.

Your consultant will explain how our life/career assessment works and show you how to apply your HAB results to your career and life. Take a look at a sample report (link on the right of the page) to get a feel for the complexity of the reports.

If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Contact The Highlands Company.