Take the HAB

After taking the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB), you will have a clear understanding of your natural abilities, which you can translate into practical applications for school and the workplace.

Tools to Make Meaningful Choices and Skyrocket Your Success

After you take the HAB, you’ll have 30+ pages of results that detail what makes you tick and the environment, the style, and the outlets you need to make your abilities shine. With your HAB results, you’ll see…

  • How you learn best
  • How you communicate best
  • Which of your abilities you need to pay attention to in order to feel your best
  • What types of activities you should avoid at work
  • Which job roles you are best suited for
  • Leadership approaches that complement your natural abilitiestake the hab
  • Plus, dozens of other factors, too.

Tens of thousands of people have taken the Highlands Ability Battery before you, which means you are about to be in the company of many successful students and professionals. To get started, fill out the form on the side of the page and a Highlands representative will contact you within one business day to start the process.

Still Not Sure About the HAB?

Taking a career assessment like The Highlands Ability Battery is an investment in yourself. You don’t take that lightly and neither do we. To help you decide if the HAB is right for you, a family member, or your organization, we recommend you do three things.

  1. Check out a sample HAB report to see the type of information you’ll get.
  2. Check out testimonials from previous clients, the list of organizations we have worked with, including Fortune 500’s, accredited universities, and government agencies.
  3. Give us a call! We’d like to answer your questions and tell you what to expect. 800-373-0083