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Professional Development Links: Resumes, Meditation, and More

resume writing natural abilities tip

This month we here at The Highlands Company have come across some pretty spectacular professional development links. Starting off, let’s look at our very own resource.

Resume Writing

Highlands Director of Training, Dori Stiles, weighs in on how to use your natural abilities to create one stellar resume on

A Cynic’s Take on Mediation

In this video from Dan Harris, he talks about how a panic attack improved his life…because it led him to meditation. The video may be 50 minutes long, but it’s entertaining and insightful from the start, and it might lead you to read Harris’ book, 10% Happier.

Speaking of Videos…

Have you viewed The Highlands Company video on the Debrief, our feedback session following The Highlands Ability Battery? Your Debrief will change the way you look at your HAB results.

The Myers-Briggs Secret History

If you are big into assessments (and we guess you are), this article on Myers-Briggs makes for an interesting read!

Jack Canfield Transformation Series

Fan of Jack Canfield? Looking to make some big changes in 2016? Check out this free “Success Principles 10-Day Transformation Series.”

Check back with us next month when we list another batch of useful professional development links. Or, if you’re eager for more, see what professional development links we found last month.