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Professional Development Links: Developing the Manager

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This month we’ve found professional development links from the present and the past that we want to share. What professional development reads would you recommend?

The Best Managers

In this article in Forbes, the debate goes on about what qualities make the best managers. We agree with the author that those who push for professional development are the best!

What Is Your Professional, Personal Brand?

Rome Madison will help you figure it out in this article on personal branding and professional development.

Setting 2016 Professional Goals

Take a moment to map out how you’ll improve this year. On top of taking the HAB (if you haven’t already), take a look at this article from the Harvard Business Review about planning for the year.

So. Much. Career. Advice.

We went way back into the archives on Penelope Trunk’s career advice blog to find this mention of The Highlands Company. A good read on sifting through career advice and finding what works for you.

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ee cummings quote