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We recently shared a blog post written by Ray Giese, a Certified Financial Planner and Highlands Certified Consultant who lives and works in the Chicago area. As someone with extensive experience helping guide people through career and education decisions, Ray has a series of six articles on the topic of adults and career development that we are excited to share with you. 

Ray uses the Highlands Ability Battery in his practice, and you will find references to how the HAB impacts his clients’ lives in each post.

“I help in coaching people align their purpose, their passions, and their paycheck to achieve financial freedom while realizing greater personal and career satisfaction.  The secret to financial freedom is optimizing your earning ability based on what you do best and enjoy! 

I call this living and not working! Then manage the cash flow to live within your means, save and invest towards your long-term goals, and protect against life’s most common challenges. I provide the right dose of education, coaching, accountability, and wisdom. You are your best investment!”…Ray Giese, Career and Financial Pathways LLC

If you are interested in learning more about Ray and his career coaching programs, click here.


ray giese highlands certified consultantRay Giese, CFP®, CCSP®, MS
Career Coach & Personal Finance Coach/Educator
Career & Financial Pathways LLC