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Move From the Stress Cycle to the Balance Cycle

The Stress Cycle. How do you recognize it? What does it look like?

See if this sounds familiar.

You never stop. You work hard, maybe at a job you used to enjoy, but these days you get very little enjoyment out of it. There’s never enough money, never enough time—certainly never time to stop and consider making a change. You have an uneasy feeling that something is missing, but you can’t even pause to think about what it might be, because you’re too busy rushing to the next project, the next appointment, the next meeting.

Every day, the cycle repeats, and every day, you wish for something more.

If you can relate, there’s a good chance you’re caught in the Stress Cycle.

In her second article in a series on the significance of creating a Personal Vision, Anne Whitaker, M.S., J.D., explains how to move from stress to balance.

If you missed her first article, you can access it here.

Move From the Stress Cycle to the Balance Cycle

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