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Match Your Personality With Your Job

Did you know that your personality plays a significant role in finding a good career fit? In addition to skills, values, and abilities, personality has a tremendous influence on how much you enjoy your work, and whether or not you find it fulfilling. 

In her seventh article in this series, Anne Whitaker, M.S., J.D., demystifies the role of personality, beginning with learning how to identify yours. With practical tips and clear explanations of how personality theories have developed, Anne gives you the basic tools you need to explore your personality, and also explains the ways in which personality can blend or clash with different work environments.

A Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC) for more than 15 years, Anne Whitaker is uniquely positioned to speak to legal professionals about their career growth and development. A former practicing attorney, educator and business owner, Anne has over 25 years of experience as a consultant and coach to the legal community. Anne combines her legal experience, coach training and expertise, and business acumen to assist her clients in achieving their career and life goals, and has worked with individuals and groups across the country.

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Match Your Personality With Your Job

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