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Managing for Diversity and Inclusion in our Climate of Change

Now more than ever, our society is recognizing the importance of listening to a diverse range of viewpoints. Leaders in particular have the responsibility and challenge of creating an inclusive environment within their offices and organizations. In this blog post, Highlands Consultant Ellen Moran, Ph.D. affirms the importance of leveraging diversity to achieve higher levels of team performance.  

Cognitive diversity is an important aspect of inclusion. The Highlands Ability Battery can help leaders and teams select members who see and process information differently, for stronger and more robust problem solving.

Certified in 1997, Ellen has been a Highlands Consultant for more than two decades, helping leaders discover how to find the best fit and outlets for their natural talents and abilities. She is a leadership consultant, ICF certified executive coach, facilitator and speaker. Ellen works with leaders and their teams, both nationally and internationally, to create collaborative conversations, cultures and work climates. 

Ellen serves as faculty for Mercer Delta’s Executive Learning Center and CDC University. Her professional affiliations include the Society for Consulting Psychology, the International Coach Federation and the St Louis Organizational Development Network. She also serves on the board of the Institute for Work Attitude and Motivation.

Among her current and recent clients are companies in the government, pharmaceutical, defense, automotive, construction, healthcare, financial services, consumer products, specialty chemicals, commercial aviation, newspaper publishing and hospitality industries.

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Managing for Diversity and Inclusion in our Climate of Change

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