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Leveraging the HAB to Develop Leadership Competency with Your Clients

A Highlands Certified Consultant since 2000, Diane Foster has been using the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and the Highlands Whole Person model in her practice for almost two decades. Certified a Master Coach by the International Coaching Federation, she holds an MA in Career Development and has been doing work with various instruments and tools for almost 40 years as both an executive and organizational coach consultant.

Suffice it to say, she knows a thing or two about coaching. That’s why we were thrilled to hear about a new training series she is offering for coaches working with leaders called Facilitating “Real Time” Results for Leadership Competency Development. This seven-part series begins Monday, April 9, and consists of weekly, 90-minute virtual training sessions.

Participants in a previous session of the coach training series raved about the experience.

“This was a very rich experience and exciting format. I highly recommend that Diane Foster’s course on ‘Facilitating Real-Time Results’ be required for any coach working with leaders on their development, but especially those coaches considering stepping into the C-Suite.” – Debra Valle, MCC

“I really appreciated this class. Learning more about coaching from Diane and other experienced coaches was great. The system Diane has created is solid.” – CEO/Coach

There is still room in this session if you want to register online. If you miss this round, be sure to contact Diane to stay informed about when the next session will be offered.

The Skill Kit for Leaders & The HAB

Diane has developed a leadership competency-building system called the Skill Kit for Leaders (SKL). Based on normative data from Harvard’s leadership series, the SKL is used to provide real time feedback and training for leaders in any industry, in organizations of any type or size.

In her series of seven, 90-minute online coaching sessions, she trains Organizational Leaders, Training Specialists, and Executive Coaches on how to apply the Skill Kit process and program for advancing leadership and bottom-line results.


Diane has masterfully combined the HAB and the SKL to provide concrete results for leaders, and her hope is that other Highlands Certified Consultants will also benefit from the tools she has developed.

“In my view, Highlands should ideally always be the upfront assessment link to any development plan coaches use in an organization or are supporting their client to use. You pull out the issues and emphasize their strengths and connect those to the leadership competency resources that the Skill Kit program provides. Then you get the sense of structure and process that most leaders really need for activating the specific behavioral changes and results that they are trying to achieve.”

Click here to read an executive’s story about what it was like working with Diane, using a combination of the HAB Leadership Report and the Skill Skit for Leaders.

To sign up for the coaching series or learn more about how you can access the SKL program for use with your own clients, visit Diane’s website at or call her at 510-865-3695.