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Leslie Martin Guides Executives to Find Their Highest and Best Use

leslie martin highlands consultant

leslie martin highlands consultantTwenty-eight years ago as Leslie Martin ventured back into the workforce (after staying home with her small children for several years), she wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. With a degree in Russian History and previous work experience starting small businesses, a friend recommended she meet with a career coach.

“My friend told me that the assessment was expensive, but it was the ‘most helpful test she’d ever taken,'” Leslie recalled. “And so I met with the coach. I remember sitting there during the debrief and realizing that this was exactly what I wanted to do.”

Leslie was introduced to the Highlands Ability Battery before it was even called the Highlands Ability Battery. As a strong supporter of the methodology, she has made it a central component to her practice throughout the years.

Meet Leslie

Leslie Martin Since 1991, Leslie has headed up the Highlands Consulting Group, Inc. where she assists upper-level managers and senior leaders to reach their full potential. She is a professional certified coach through International Coach Federation and credentialed in The Highlands Ability Battery, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, and many 360-degree feedback instruments. She incorporates all of these assessments in her practice because each measures different qualities.

For nearly 30 years she lived in Washington, DC with her family, but seven years ago she re-located to Taos, New Mexico, where she works remotely with her clients.

“I love the freedom my work gives me,” she said.

How Leslie Uses the Highlands Ability Battery

Leslie most enjoys working with executives through leadership development programs. She has created many strategic alliances so that she can reach professionals on a larger scale and at a time when they need the assistance the most.

“That first year when I started out, I made a connection with a Senior VP of HR at a big telecommunications company,” Leslie explained. “Looking back, this relationship definitely feels like a ‘God thing.’ The company was laying off 10,000 employees. I was able to step in and help to create a program that greatly assisted those leaving the company.”

Through that first big contract, Leslie says she learned three things. “I learned I can do this. I learned leadership skills. I learned that the beauty of Highlands is that it really nails it for people. They discover what they are good at. Plus, it’s objective and provides lots of data points. Business people love statistics!”

Along the way Leslie has partnered with many other companies including a large management consulting firm for the engineering and construction industry. She helped this particular company develop their leadership development program of which The Highlands Ability Battery is a key component.

She explained that the Battery is effective in helping the executive identify their highest and best use, the way they innately solve problems, their ability to set direction and communicate vision, and their ideal corporate role. All of these factors are foundational to leadership effectiveness and the executive’s level of personal career satisfaction.

In addition to her work helping executives, Leslie is also available to coach Highlands Consultants seeking to grow and strengthen their businesses. She encourages you to connect with her via LinkedIn or by email: