Resources For Your Journey

Interested in getting unstuck in your career, transforming your organization’s leadership and just generally succeeding in life, Jody Michael Associates have created a library of free resources to help you. Visit the links below to get access to these career, company and life transformation e-books…oh, and did we mention they are free? Get your copies today.  

Executive Coaching Best Practices: Transform Your Organization’s Leadership – In this white paper you’ll learn how to create the right executive coaching strategy, hire the right executive coach and evaluate the success of coaching.

Stuck in the Wrong Career? Four Steps to Get Unstuck – Learn to acknowledge your fears, engage in more powerful, positive internal conversations, take small, consistent, intentional action steps, and adopt accountability strategies to follow through on your commitments to yourself.

Top 20 Books for Succeeding in Life, Love and Career – Powerful, life-changing books can help unlock the key to less stress, healthier relationships, greater personal and professional success.

A Parent’s Guide: Helping Your Child Identify Their Best Career Fit – Set your high school or college student up for career success by identifying their best career fit and college major.

Stepping Stones: A Career Journal – A guided journal to captured the important lessons learned for personal and professional development.