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Congratulations to Highlands Consultant Sheryl Odentz on the launch of The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™, a career counseling and coaching program designed specifically for lawyers who have reached crossroads in their careers and are unclear on how to proceed in finding the best paths forward.

Through a carefully crafted series of 11 one-on-one sessions with Progress in Work’s Founder Sheryl Odentz — a proactive, award-winning career counselor and coach — the lawyer will conduct a thoughtful and linear analysis of his or her career for mapping concrete steps to bridge the outcomes of the process with a solid plan for the future. 

Sheryl received her graduate degrees in Psychological Counseling specializing in work/career topics from Columbia University (M.A., Ed.M.) and founded Progress in Work LLC, a career management firm for lawyers. A pioneer in the legal outplacement field, Sheryl has assisted thousands of lawyers over the course of three decades to help them successfully transition to new positions inside and outside of the practice of law. 

The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™ takes a whole person approach to help the lawyer think through his or her next career steps. The program includes a combination of career assessments, including the Highlands Ability Battery, with thought exercises for reflection on the lawyer’s aptitudes, personal style, skills, interests, family influences, values, goals, personality, psychological needs as they pertain to work and career fit. 

Link here to learn more about The Lawyer’s Career Crossroads Program™.

Sheryl A. Odentz, M.A., Ed.M.
Progress in Work LLC
60 East 42nd Street
Suite 4000
New York, New York 10165 USA
(212) 532-6670