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“I’m up for a promotion but I’m worried it’s not a good fit. Should I take it?”

Jasmine is in a place with her career that she once could only dream about. When she first took on a night clerk job at a chain hotel, she had no idea that she would one day work her way up to the position of General Manager (GM). She loves her job as a GM and has been doing it for 10 years. In fact, she was happy to continue in that role for the foreseeable future.

But Management has other ideas. They see potential in Jasmine and have selected her to participate in a Leadership Development program. Only 12 coveted spots open up every two years, and entry is highly competitive. After completing the program, Jasmine would be expected to take a corporate position in Human Resources, Finance, or Sales.

On the one hand, Jasmine is flattered that she has been chosen and can’t help but think about how the increase in pay and more regular work hours would impact her lifestyle. On the other hand, Jasmine is worried. To move into a corporate position would mean she would no longer get the hands-on, day-to-day interaction with her staff and hotel guests that she loves. She’s good at what she does and has built up a model, high-performing team. She’s not sure she’s ready to leave that behind. What if she hates her new job, or can’t perform as well?

Developing a Career Vision

Jasmine decides to enroll in the Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program because she realizes that she needed to decide what she wants. Her career steps were being determined by the corporate office. They saw potential in her for a different type of role, but she isn’t comfortable accepting it until she can be sure that she would be a good fit.

Throughout the 8-session program, Jasmine begins to see a pattern emerging from her work and life experiences: she excels at working with people. It’s almost second nature for her to resolve disputes and bring out the strengths of her various teammates. Even in jobs prior to when she started working at the hotel, she had always gravitated towards the service industry, specifically because she enjoyed helping people.

Thanks to the structured process of the program and the guidance from her Highlands Certified Consultant, Jasmine discovers that Human Resources would be a very natural fit from what she understands about the three positions right now.

No longer fearful of what a future at corporate might bring, she confidently accepts a position in the Leadership Development program and begins educating Management from day one on why she would make an outstanding addition to the Human Resources Department. While she remains open to learning about the specific responsibilities in Finance and Sales, she is most excited about the opportunity to learn and expand. What makes it fun is that, ultimately, she will choose her next steps. Jasmine attends the Leadership Development program understanding that she might even choose to stay where she is.

Take Charge of Your Life & Career

Just like Jasmine, you can develop confidence and clarity in where you strengths lie and where you can make the greatest contribution to a company. Rather than waiting to be chosen—hoping that someone else will identify your talents—you can choose yourself. Take charge of your life and career. Talk to a Highlands Certified Consultant today!