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Your Personal Vision: A Journey of Self-Discovery.

Most people will work over 90,000 hours in their lifetime. Most people feel unfulfilled by their jobs, or even hate them.
Maybe you know what it’s like—the soul-crushing drain of waiting out the clock. The constant pressure of performing.

What if Things Could Be Different?

Imagine a world where everyone worked with a sense of joy and purpose. Where companies operated at the highest possible level because every team member was fully engaged and fully alive. Imagine a world where students and adults confidently navigated their careers based on a deep understanding of themselves and their goals, and carried that sense of purpose and direction throughout their careers and on through retirement.

At the Highlands Company, we are passionate about seeing personal career visions come to fruition for adults, students, career counselors, and organizations. Since 1992, the Highlands Whole Person 4-Step Method has helped tens of thousands of individuals to transform their lives, both at work and at home. We can help you too.

The Highlands Ability Battery and Whole Person 4-Step Method works.
We’d love to show you how.

Our Holistic Approach Benefits Students All Stages of Your Career.

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Find purpose and direction

Your journey is just beginning. Now is the time to take stock of your natural talents so that you can persue a field of study and career that alignes with your strengths and realizes your full potential. We’ll set you on the right path.

Journey With Confidence[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box title=”Young Professionals, Career Transitioners” title_heading=”h3″ css_animation=”appearFromCenter” css_animation_delay=”0″ icon=”9|fontawesome” text=”ADULTS” icon_link=”#” title_link=”#”]

The best answers come from the inside out

You have the answer for your life’s work inside you. But like everyone, you need help to really see yourself. The HAB is an investment in your future and your career and your first step to renewed job satisfaction.

Love Your Work[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box title=”Talent Developed Professionals” title_heading=”h3″ css_animation=”appearFromCenter” css_animation_delay=”0″ icon=”65|fontawesome” text=”LEADERS” icon_link=”#” title_link=”#”]

Better motivated leaders make for better business

Your organization can be more productive by retaining and developing the talent you already have. When leaders work to their strengths, aligned with their natural abilities, they are more powerful to deliver sustainable results.

Bolster Your Talent[/vc_feature_box][vc_feature_box title=”Spiritual Organizations” title_heading=”h3″ css_animation=”appearFromCenter” css_animation_delay=”0″ title_link=”https://highlandsco.com/the-highlands-whole-person-model/” icon=”86|fontawesome” icon_link=”https://highlandsco.com/the-highlands-whole-person-model/” text=”RELIGIOUS”]

Effectively steward your God-given gifts

When it comes to finding your true purpose, you must first align yourself with your divine inner compass. The HAB will uncover your God-given talents and the unique possibilities in each person’s life to find the comfort within.

Find Your Calling[/vc_feature_box][/vc_feature_boxes]

Testimonials about the Highlands Ability Battery.

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Career Consultants: Meet A Career Assessment Program Like No Other

You want to change lives. You long to see people flourish and thrive in the right career. We do too. That’s why we provide you with the ultimate in career assessments with an extensive range of resources and support.

Become a Consultant

The Numbers Say it All.

[vc_counters columns=”4″ center=”yes” width=”280″ height=”250″ icon_color=”#ffffff” value_color=”#ffffff” title_color=”#eeeeee” border_color=”#ffffff” border_width=”2″ border_radius=”4px”][vc_counter title=”A career assessment made up of 19 timed exercises that reveal your natural abilities based on performance not perception, giving your clients a solid foundation for lifelong consideration of careeroptions.

” css_animation_delay=”0″ value=”19″][vc_counter title=”Every Highlands Consultant receives 40+ hours of training to provide a unique human assessment tool and an incredibly thorough and often life-changing debrief.

” css_animation_delay=”0″ value=”40″ unit=”+”][vc_counter title=”Established in 1992, The Highlands Co. has certified hundreds of career professionals around the globe in the administration of the HAB and Whole Person Model and provides ongoing training within a vibrant community.

” css_animation_delay=”0″ value=”300″ unit=”+”][vc_counter title=”The HAB is based on a century of research first conducted by Johnson O’Connor. The results provide career confidence for every client as it has for the tens of thousands of HAB takers before them.

” css_animation_delay=”0″ value=”50000″ unit=”+”][/vc_counters]

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