HAB for Students

High school juniors and seniors as well as college and graduate students of all ages benefit from taking the Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB). The HAB is our high-tech career test for students that serves as an excellent career test.

Imagine If…

  • You examined work options, majors, and careers through the lens of your natural talents. Perhaps you could see new options to explore. Or maybe it could help you refine the pool of choices you are considering. It could even confirm a pursuit you’ve been contemplating.
  • You knew exactly how you should study for exams, or learned how to study differently for different subjects.
  • You could use your abilities in work that interests you, aligns with what’s important to you, and helps you meet your goals.
  • You had the help of a professional backed by a proven method that made certain you discovered what you do best.

Tens of thousands of students and professionals have taken the HAB since the early 1990s. It’s one step in our proven Highlands Whole Person Method that you can invest in for future success. This experience will be applicable now, while you are a student, and throughout your career. The results of this student career test never expire.

Parents, if you are researching career choice tests for your student or young adult, refer to this list of frequently asked questions, and then, contact The Highlands Company. Together, we can help to set your child up for school and career success.

A Special Note for Educators and Counselors

Students interested in taking the HAB must go through a Highlands Certified Consultant. The certification training application process is open to educators, counselors, therapists, career consultants, and others who provide guidance to those on the school and work journey.

If you are interested in Highlands Certification Training, learn more and start the application process on the Become a Consultant page.

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