HAB for Organizations

Many Highlands Certified Consultants work specifically with organizational teams and business leaders through group team-building and leadership training programs. Workshops such as these help leaders to see the similarities and differences between themselves and co-workers, and encourage everyone in the group in the pursuit of productive and effective leadership.

A Tool Used By Rather Than On the Individual

The Highlands Ability Battery™ (HAB) is the first step in what we call the Highlands Whole Person Method. When applied as part of a leadership development training program, there are many benefits:

  • Teams learn a common language that allows them to communicate better during times of stress and conflict.
  • Individuals recognize their strengths and, as a result, discover where their time is best spent and where they may need to rely on others to get the job done.
  • Everyone gains a new appreciation for how others are hardwired, and what this means for the workplace.
  • In group debrief sessions, names are excluded on all reports, which allows everyone to speak freely and benefit greatly.

View and download this flyer for an overview of a typical Highlands talent development program that one of our certified consultants could provide your organization. If you are interested in learning more or would like to connect with a consultant, contact The Highlands Company for a personalized recommendation.

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