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Grateful for the Unsung Heroes: Finding Purpose in Serving the Greater Good

The COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 is something we’ll remember for many years. For all of the anxiety, fear, disease, and disruption that a pandemic brings, it also provides the opportunity for sober reflection. In recognizing our common humanity and showing gratitude for those whose sacrifice is for the good of others, we let them know that their actions matter and that we care for each other’s plight, pulling together to make the world a better place.

The frontline workers and first responders in the pandemic have rightly received a lot of attention. Nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers are undoubtedly heroic, working long hours and putting their own lives at risk in the fight against this disease. 

But there are countless others whose work has also been critical to maintaining the safety and health of our society during this time. Many of the jobs that are typically undervalued or unnoticed have proven to be indispensable. We want to offer our gratitude and admiration for the many people who have contributed to our overall health and well-being during these difficult times: volunteer workers, grocery store clerks, shelf-stockers, truck drivers, teachers, HR personnel, U.S. Postal Service workers, delivery drivers, custodians, mechanics, and many more. 

Typically, high-profile jobs attract our attention — jobs in glamorous or high-paying industries like tech, entertainment, finance, or law. But tumultuous times have a way of turning things on their head, giving us an opportunity to see them in a new light. What the unsung heroes of this pandemic have made clear is that their value lies in the contributions they are making for society as a whole. They are unselfishly finding purpose in serving the greater good.

Unlocking Human Potential

At the Highlands Company, we are dedicated to helping people discover their natural resources so that, as part of an integrated, whole-person model, they can live more purposeful and meaningful lives. Witnessing the unsung heroes of this pandemic has inspired us to consider the ways in which our individual purpose ties to how you contribute to the world. How can harnessing our individual talents and abilities serve to make the world a better place? 

We invite you to take a closer look at your natural strength to empower you for the greater good. Starting with the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB). If you’ve already taken the HAB, now is the perfect time to revisit your personalized report. Review your results and consider the ways in which your natural abilities can be harnessed to inspire others. Everyone has something to contribute.

To the unsung heroes, our frontline workers, we salute you all; Americans uniting to help others, finding purpose in reaching out to those in need. We send hope and strength to those who are experiencing financial hardship and gratitude to our teachers and parents who are schooling their children from home. Stay safe. Stay strong. We are in this together.