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Giving Something Back to the World

At 45-years-old, Kathy was in an enviable position – Vice President at Ketchum Public Relations, a top 10 international PR firm. She found public relations tapped into some of her latent business talents, such as consulting and strategic planning.

Kathy flourished at Ketchum, taking on more and more responsibility for clients. She said, “If you’d asked me then what my career goals were, I’d have responded that I wanted to continue to grow with Ketchum. I didn’t feel I could be happier with my life.”

But Was There More?

Then Kathy tried The Highlands Whole Person Approach to gain more insight into her career to plan her course for the next several years. She said the Highlands Ability Battery helped her immediately.

“I found it empowering to know that my natural abilities in problem-solving communications were as good as anyone else’s at the table. I projected an increased confidence and authority in the consulting advice I was giving. I loved knowing, really knowing, that I was in the right field for me.”

Kathy’s biggest insight came to her while working with her Highlands Certified Consultant. “I discovered that although public relations work was an ideal fit for me in many ways, I deeply missed the feeling of contributing. My core value compelling me to do good in the world was not being expressed.”

Shortly after, Kathy noticed that CARE, the worldwide relief organization, was looking for a PR professional.

“Although it had frankly never crossed my mind to leave Ketchum, I decided to act on what I had learned about myself, and I send in my resume.”

“Several months later, CARE called and asked me to interview. I knew this job (as PR Manager for CARE) was meant for me.”

Kathy’s responsibilities took her to Africa and all across the United States to donor offices.

“The new position gave me the opportunity to achieve a key goal and fulfill an important value rediscovered by my work with my Highlands Consultant: to give something back to the world; to work with a cause or effort that is inherently meaningful and to see the wider world first hand.”

The Highlands Whole Person Method

You deserve to enjoy what you do for a living. You deserve to think of words like pride, satisfaction, fulfillment, and especially meaning when you describe your work. To gain these goals takes time, effort, and commitment. They can’t be handed to you from the outside. They can only be discovered from within you. The Highlands Method is a process dedicated to helping you do that – to help you live the life you want to live.