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  • For Religious & Spiritual leaders, we have a proven process that reveals God-given gifts.

The Highlands 4-Step Method

Step #1: Take the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB)

The HAB is administered by Highlands Certified Consultants in connection with a personal feedback consultation (or debrief). The Consultant will provide you with a registration key code to enable you to complete the online assessment at home, school or workplace. Once completed, you and your Consultant will schedule your consultation to review your results.

First, you will want to select a Consultant. Go to the Consultant directory at FIND A CONSULTANT and select from our database of over 300 trained career professionals. The Consultant does not have to be local to you as the feedback can be conducted virtually, in person or by phone.

For assistance in selecting a Consultant, submit the CONTACT US FORM and a Highlands representative will reach out to assist you.

Step #2: Review your detailed, customized reports

Second, you will review your results. When you have completed the HAB, you will receive electronic copies of your customized reports detailing the results. You’ll discover potential jobs for which you would be well-suited, along with practical information about roles and responsibilities that complement your profile.

But the real magic lies in the talents revealed by the HAB. During your debrief with your Consultant, you will clearly see how to capitalize on your strengths to begin to make informed decisions and transform your career.

Step #3: Debrief with your Highlands Consultant

Third, you will meet with your Consultant, either in person, by phone or by video conference, for your debrief. Your investment in understanding your natural abilities would not be complete without the full benefit of a trained career professional. Your Highlands Certified Consultant will help you to interpret your HAB results during a comprehensive 90-minute debriefing session.

Why is a debrief important? Every Highlands Certified Consultant has undergone extensive training and has expertise and insight into the implications and practical applications of your HAB results. While anyone can tell what the HAB results say, your Consultant can tell you what they mean.

This in-depth and personalized review sets the HAB apart from all other assessments, ensuring consistent quality and applicable, real-world results. Link here to learn more – The Power of Feedback: Why the HAB Includes an In-Depth Debrief with a Highlands Consultant.

Step #4: Develop a Personal Vision

Fourth, additional consultation is optional through your Consultant. Unlike most career or aptitude tests, we acknowledge and honor the fact that you are made up of more than just natural abilities, skills, or personality traits. Our methodology takes into account the whole person, and our process is thorough enough to serve that person—you— throughout all of life’s turning points.

That’s why we provide access to additional consulting, tools, and online coaching programs to help you develop a Personal Vision. What we’re after is transformation—not just a one-time career decision, but a deep and focused understanding of yourself that will serve you throughout your entire life.

A Personal Vision will enable you to make future decisions with assurance and confidence. It’s easy to get pushed and pulled by the currents of distraction, change, stress, and competing needs. But when you focus on what you really want, you can almost always find it.

You’re on your way. Contact a Highlands Certified Consultant today!

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