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Leadership Development Workshop Feedback

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As the publishers of the Highlands Ability Battery, we are curious how clients use their HAB results to further their careers and enhance leadership traits. This probably comes as no surprise to you! 

Highlands Certified Consultant Tom Tavantzis has generously shared several Highlands Ability Battery reviews with us. The following pieces of feedback come from participants of a Women’s Leadership Program that Tom and his wife, Martha, conducted for a division of a global entertainment company.

Leadership Program Background

The format of their program included three parts.

1) Highlands Ability Battery

2) Family Vocational Genogram exercise around their Career Development

3) Show and Tell exercise around their Passions and Fascinations

The workshop took a day and a half, with a half-day follow-up six months later. After the workshop and the group feedback, participants were invited to schedule 30-minute individual debriefs for further individualization of their results.

Highlands Ability Battery Reviews

highlands reviewsSeveral months later, Tom and Martha asked for feedback from participants. Namely, they asked how each individual used HAB results in your work, life, and career. Here’s what some of them said.

“I have accepted a new position, which is very different from anything I have ever done before. I have become a trainer and interpreter of new products. I have also been put in the role of assessing situations and interpreting them for others to understand, many times trying to find solutions or plans of action. Being aware that I am a Generalist/Extrovert has helped me work with folks I don’t know, develop a trust level with them quickly, and then interpret their concerns.”

“After showing my results from the rhythm and tonal memory of the test to my husband, who plays the drums as a hobby, he understands when I tell him it is all just noise to me. I’ve worked very hard to improve my listening skills. As a visual learner, I am now taking more detailed notes in meetings. Writing the notes helps reinforce what I’ve learned, and reading the notes later for recall purposes is immensely helpful. I use a spiral notebook for all meetings and it makes it very easy to access my notes – it’s been a big help to me.”

“The test results have made me more aware of areas in which I need to focus. The test results have also brought attention to some of my managerial habits, some of which I feel could evolve.”

“After reviewing my results, it is apparent to me that listening and visualizing messages presented to me makes me comprehend them more clearly. Listening to conference calls while quickly jotting down notes during and after the calls, I have been able to capture more key information. This method has also made my retrieval of key information from these calls more efficient.”

“I am more aware of my strengths and areas of development. I have taken this knowledge and am beginning to speak with my direct supervisor about my career path.”

“I am working to recognize the work styles of my Account Executives (AE’s) and adjust my style accordingly. Becoming more tolerant and aware that people process information differently. I am working to give my AE’s more direction and goals and to recognize their contributions.”

“I have made a more conscious effort to let people know that I think through situations out loud – specifically when I find myself doing it. I have also embraced the fact that I need to “recharge” by being with people when I have been working alone on a project for a period of time.”

“I take advantage of the energy I get from working with others and develop ideas by discussing them with others at work, and personally. I have tried to increase my effectiveness as a leader by more “people breaks” and by surrounding myself with those that complement me, both in my career and personal life.”

Have you taken the HAB? How have you applied your results to your life and career? Tell us on Twitter, LinkedIn, or Facebook. We’d love to hear!