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Fighting for Balance in the World of Work

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How often during the week does your stress level shoot through the roof? Do you ever pause during a typical day at work and think: “It’s not humanly possible to do all I have to do!”

You and several million other folks.

People of all ages, at varying levels of roles and responsibility, in Fortune 500 companies and small, family-owned businesses are saying: “ENOUGH!”

Our point is this: We are not living to work; we are working to live. Said another way, the rewards of our hard work should not be merely more hard work. Thousands of men and woman have taken the Highlands Ability Battery with one single prevailing question: Is it possible to have a career that offers meaning and self-expression AND have time to devote to family and other interests? Is it possible to find balance?

Yes, You Can Find Balance and You Do NOT Have to:

  • Be educated at Harvard, wealthy, or lucky
  • Quit your job out of total frustration that the pressure will never cease
  • Give up all hope of financial security
  • Resign yourself to a graduate degree in library sciences in the belief it will give you peace and solitude

As little as a 10% shift in your thinking about your roles and responsibilities, your travel schedule, your job assignments, and myriad other factors can result in a shift in how you feel about balance. The problem is knowing which 10% to change.

Every one of us has the right to discover who we are and how to build a life of purpose and balance. Search The Highlands Company directory to find a consultant who can help you focus on the right 10%. It’s an integral piece of the Highlands Whole Person Method.