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10 Leadership Tips for Dynamic Leaders

10 tips for dynamic leaders

10 tips for dynamic leadersDynamic leaders seek change. He or she sees the advantage of continuous professional growth.

Today, we share 10 leadership tips from Highlands Certified Consultants for those who aspire to be a dynamic leader.

Tip # 1
Model self-disclosure and transparency.

Tip # 2
Ask yourself this question every Friday: Did I use my strengths this week?
Tips from Dr. Tom Tavantzis, IMD Leadership

Tip # 3
Leadership requires emotional intelligence, which requires an understanding of self in order to avoid miscommunication and turf wars.
Tip from Blair Hollis, Crossroads Consulting, Inc.

Tip # 4
Create a vision and embrace it. Know where you are going, and live your life in joy, moving toward that vision.

Tip # 5
Be focused and follow through. Others will come to trust and rely on your leadership, and will use you as a model and become more productive.

Tip #6
Cultivate aliveness, alertness, and joy. Everyone is attracted to these qualities and will want to be around you.

Tip #7
Be calm, centered, and balanced. Live in the present, not in the past or the future. Pay attention to what you need to stay balanced in body, mind, and spirit, and make sure those things are plentiful in your life.

Tip #8
Openly discuss your strengths and weaknesses with others in leadership
Tips from Susan Seel, M.S.

Tip #9
Find a mentor. Be a mentor.

Tip #10
Spend 20 minutes every day learning something new.


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