Career Exploration Success Stories

Career Exploration Success Stories

High school and college students face tremendous amounts of pressure. They are expected to earn excellent grades in high school so they can get into the “best” colleges. Once in college, they are expected to choose the “right” field of study. And after graduation, they must either get a “good” job or move on to grad school.

In the end, many will take the path that others have defined before them. But here’s the catch—we want to care about the work we do. And while becoming a Petroleum Engineer may earn us over $130k a year, we may not enjoy a single minute.

So what’s the secret to finding your dream job? The answer is simple: find your passion. Give yourself permission to explore where your talents are best served. The following stories are about students—and parents—who came to surprising and life-changing career discoveries thanks to the Highlands Whole Person Model.

example of highlands for college students

When a Talented Young Adult is Paralyzed By Too Many Choices

Daniel: After College Graduation

highlands ability battery for teens

Learning to Look at Abilities, Not Achievement

Erin: High School Senior

A Natural Born Salesman

Ethan: College Sophomore

Discovering a Specialized Ability Made All the Difference

Beth: High School Junior

Without the HAB, I Never Would Have Supported My Daughter’s Decision

Sharon: A High School Student’s Mom

This Life In A New Light For A Struggling Student

Joel: High School Student