For Students Exploring Careers

Did you know that every course of study and every occupation, whether it’s science, technology, engineering, law or management, uses specific abilities?

That is why the learning environment that will give you the most satisfaction and the work you will enjoy most and be most successful in, is that which uses your unique pattern of abilities. Those abilities that come naturally to you.

The HAB for Students

High School, College and Graduate students are empowered to pursue a field of study and career that is driven by their natural talents rather than a passing interest.


Imagine If…

  • You could work with a consultant to identify what comes easiest to you?
  • You could discover the type of learning environment where you will thrive?
  • You could feel confident in communicating what your strengths are?
  • You could learn strategies to improve your performance at school?



  • You could gain insights to your best career?
  • You could understand how your natural talents will fit in the real world?
  • You could expand your vision of opportunities?
  • You were empowered with a reliable tool to guide your career for the rest of your life?



For Parents

Higher education is one of the greatest opportunities for young adults and yes, one of the biggest investments a family will make.  What parents should know, click here.

Imagine if you and your child could rely on dependable scientific research when making these life-changing decisions.  

The HAB is your career guide for life- Get Started

A Special Note for Educators and Counselors

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is a critical resource for providing quality career counseling services. Students and young adults interested in taking the HAB must go through a Highlands Certified Consultant. Certification is open to educators, counselors, therapists, career consultants, and others who provide guidance to those on the school and work journey.  For Some of Our Education Partners, click here.

To learn more about certification, click here.

Still Not Sure if the HAB Is Right for You?

For more information and to speak with a representative, click here.


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