Organizational Leadership & Talent Development Consultants

Organizational Consultants Certified in Highlands

Dori Stiles, Ph.D.
Turning Points Coaching and Consulting; The Highlands Company – Director of Training, Research and Development

hc group leslie martin

Leslie H. Martin, PCC
Highlands Consulting Group, Inc.

Antony Bell
Leader Development Inc. (LDI)

Dr. Tom N. Tavantzis
Innovative Management Development, P.C. (IMD)

Anna Bray, PCC
Jody Michael Associates

Ellen Moran, Ph. D.
Leadership Dialogues, Inc.

Marc A. Pitman, CFCC, CSP
The Concord Leadership Group, The Fundraising Coach

Dr. Chip Roper
RKE Partners, The VOCA Center

Dan Sheedy, MBA, ACC
Novateur Partners, LLC

Vicki Terrill, ACC, CPLC
Vicki Terrill Coaching

Nancy Scheel, PCC
Jody Michael Associates

Debby Stone, JD, CPCC, PCC
Novateur Partners, LLC

Dana Hamilton, M.Ed.
Aplomb Consultants

Steven J. Chen, Ph.D.
Management Systems LLC

Lanie Damon, M.S., NCC, LPC, DCC, BCC
Career Management Consultant

Mary Herff Highlands Company certified consultant

Mary Herff, M.B.A
Aplomb Consultants

Judy Lowry, MCC

Kristi Windish
True Compass

Robyn Jackson, Ed.S.
True Compass

Liz Pelissier, LCSW
Sound Career Services

Debra D. King
Debra D. King Consulting

Donna Norsworthy, Ed.S.
Revision Coaching

Blair Hollis, MA, GCDF, BCCC
Crossroads Consulting, Inc.

Leaders & Organizations Success Stories


Today’s leaders know that to stay nimble they must continue to grow and they must support the development of the people with whom they work.

When providing professional development that reaches peoples’ core, employees become active participants in their efforts to support organizations through change, improve the bottom line, foster innovation, and motivate themselves and others.

We know a thing or two about helping people understand what’s at their core – their natural abilities. Contact us to learn more about our customized programs for leaders and organizations. Our programs are comprehensive and yet flexible enough to serve the unique challenges faced by organizations of all sizes.

The stories collected here come from leaders who have successfully navigated new roles and new challenges, and from Talent Development professionals who have used the HAB and the Highlands Whole Person Model to ignite passion and draw out the strengths and abilities of their team.

The Highlands Ability Battery: A Comprehensive Tool for Customized Professional Development

The HAB assessment is the gold standard for people seeking a clear understanding of their inherent strengths (and blindspots).

Developing Essential Leaders: HAB and Health Care

Fulfilling the motto “saving lives, protecting people,” these experts in health and medicine shoulder an enormous responsibility to understand, assess, and manage the health risks populations face.

The Collision of Workplace Agility and Career Resilience

If ever there was a time to engage workers at all levels and benefit from untapped potential, this is it.

Managing for Diversity and Inclusion in our Climate of Change

Leaders in particular have the responsibility and challenge of creating an inclusive environment within their offices and organizations.

Executive Leadership is the Focus of Douglas County School 2021 System Leadership Retreat

The 50 participants, which included the principals of all of the DCSS schools along with central office leaders, were exposed to a variety of speakers and resources intended to take their leadership development to the next level…

How to Develop Strong Leaders During Times of Crisis

Times of crisis require leaders and organizations to adapt.

Georgia’s School Leaders Link Performance Goals to Natural Abilities

Among the many programs designed for professional development for Georgia school districts, GSSA’s Superintendent Professional Development Program (SPDP) and District Office Professional Development Program (DOPDP) have been most effective in enhancing the capacity of individual and collective leadership.

Preparing for Future Work

Many companies use what’s referred to as a S.W.O.T analysis so they can create strategic planning.  S.W.O.T stands for Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threats.  Using the same strategy for your personal brand is a wise choice.

The Surprising Three Levels of Hardwiring

But hardwiring is crucial for leaders to explore. Understanding your hardwiring helps you discover your unique gift to the world.

How 5 Simple Shifts in Mindset Can Make You a More Effective Leader

For someone new to a leadership role, there are new challenges that naturally come with the change in position.

Are Your Employees Working Within Their Strengths? It Pays For Them to Know

We all know that in any given business or work environment, some people are more productive than others.

school superintendent coaching

Integrating the Superintendent as an Individual Into Leading A School System

Biannually, 25 Georgia school administrators aspiring to become superintendents are selected to participate in a two-year, 280-hour leadership development opportunity through the Georgia School Superintendents Association called Superintendents Professional Development Program (SPDP).

talent development workshop activities for coaches

10 Unique Activities That Make Our Talent Development Workshops Transformational

Here at The Highlands Company we have developed a number of Talent Development workshops that require individual focus, reflection, and learning.