For Career Counselors & Consultants

For Career Counselors & Consultants

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) and Whole Person Model are critical resources for providing quality career counseling services. The HAB is a standardized assessment in aptitude testing developed under a rigorous process to ensure accurate results. The Whole Person Model empowers clients to realize the relevance of their natural abilities and life experiences to their career development and provides a rock solid foundation for lifelong consideration of career options.

21st century career development facilitators must equip themselves with the relevant tools needed to guide their clients—young people, adults, and retirees—as they navigate their careers in a time when the global marketplace is changing so dramatically.

A personal vision focused on self-awareness is more crucial now than ever as the guiding light on a dimly lit journey.

Other career and abilities assessments fail to take into account the whole person. Only Highlands provides the complete set of tools so you can confidently counsel your clients towards greater clarity, adaptability, and ownership throughout their careers.


How the HAB Can Improve Your Practice

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) provides the most comprehensive and accurate assessment of natural abilities. The in-depth, customized reports that are generated upon every test completion provide a wealth of information that can unlock the potential within every client. As part of the certification process, you will be trained on how to interpret the results of the HAB and how to most effectively share those results with your clients.

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Highlands Customized Reports

Transforming Careers with Data-Driven Results: How aptitude testing will provide real insights for real-life solutions

Applying Aptitudes: Results Revealed in Targeted Data-Driven Reports

Specialized client-centered reports using data science to apply your aptitude test results are generated from the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) for a variety of applications, including:

•students searching for the “right-fit” college, area of study and career pathway,
•adults navigating a career transition,
•and leaders and other professionals seeking to learn how to communicate, problem solve and collaborate with others more effectively.

Results driven by the HAB are compiled toblendabilities and identifypatternsof abilities to provide real insights for not only specific careers to explore, but also for consideration of roles within occupations.
Highlands’ customized reports provide insights into how you think, what makes you tick, and where you will thrive. Equipped with these powerful tools, you will be amazed by the impact you can have on your clients’ lives! More than any other career assessment, the HAB delivers in-depth, accurate, and life-changing results.

  • The Highlands Standard Report is an individual analyses report of more than 30+ pages. The report begins with your personal profile, showing the score achieved for each ability and its significance as it relates to your personality, your motivation, how you learn, communicate, solve problems, and make decisions.
  • The Highlands Career Exploration Supplement is an interactive career supplement that combines your personal style with what motivates you to reveal personal patterns of abilities. These patterns are then aligned with careers to explore. Each career recommendation is linked to the U.S. Department of Labor’s ONET Online to provide you with the most current data for each occupation.
  • The Highlands Leader Report is designed for industry leaders and C-level executives, the HAB Leader report reveals how natural abilities influence roles, responsibilities, and opportunities for skill development. This specialized report builds self-awareness of your leadership talents and strengths and relates them to specific behaviors and blind spots to offer practical solutions.

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Highlands Consultation

In addition to the reports, The Highlands Ability Battery includes a 2-hour debrief with a Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC).

Clients meet with an HCC either in person, by phone, or by video conference. This in-depth and personalized review sets the HAB apart from all other assessments, ensuring consistent quality and applicable, real-world results. Link here to learn about the feedback.

The Power of Feedback: Why the HAB Includes an In-Depth Debrief with a Highlands Consultant

Here is what clients are saying about the deeper level of understanding and impact of reviewing their results with a trained consultant-

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Beyond the HAB

In addition to the training and test results provided by the HAB, the Highlands Company provides ongoing support, product development and education for you and a wide network of certified consultants. When you become a Highlands Certified Consultant, you aren’t left alone to figure it out on your own. You’re a member of the Highlands community of career professionals.

The Highlands Certified Consultant Training is accredited by the International Coach Federation for 32 hours of continuing education credits in the following areas; Core Competencies 14 hours, Resource Development 18 hours.


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