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You were born with a purpose. You know that great things are possible—that happiness and joy are within reach—but where do you start? How do you uncover the truth of who you are amidst all the noise and confusion?

Your Natural Talents, Gifts & Abilities

Did you know that you were born with certain inherent abilities? Skills can be acquired, but you will experience greater fulfillment and balance in your life when you’ve identified your natural abilities and learned how to put them to use—both in your professional life and in your personal life. Learn more about your Personal Style, Driving Abilities, Specialized Abilities, and why understanding how you’re wired can make all the difference.


What’s the Highlands Ability Battery?

Unlike any career assessment you’ve ever experienced, the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is uniquely capable of uncovering your inherent, natural abilities. A comprehensive series of interactive, virtual worksamples gives you an objective, in-depth report of what you’re naturally good at. Not what you want to do or what you think you should do, but what comes naturally to you.

The HAB is uniquely capable of uncovering your inherent abilities and provide practical insights for improving performance.

For Adults Exploring Career Change/Enhancement

How would you rate your satisfaction with your career? Do you feel like something’s missing? Maybe you have recurring thoughts about a missed accomplishment.

If you’re like most of us, you never stopped to take the time to really consider what career would be a good fit. You jumped into a career because of pressure or expectations and now you’re wishing for something more.

No matter where you’re at in your career journey, there’s still time! Discover what makes you tick and experience the profound satisfaction of enjoying what you do.

For Students Exploring Careers

Students constantly feel the pressure of performance. Often times they don’t even know what they like to do because they are so busy doing what they are supposed to do.

Many may discover years into their college commitment that it is not what they expected. Some may even find that the path that they have chosen makes them absolutely miserable.

Before wasting thousands of dollars on a degree program, invest in finding out what you’re naturally good at—that thing inside you that sparks of brilliance. Take the time to consider your unique strengths and what matters most. If you do, the rewards will last a lifetime.

For Organizational Leadership and Talent Development

Enhancing human performance is the key to the success of an organization. Your organization can be more productive by retaining and developing the talent you already have.

When employees work to their strengths, aligned with their values and goals, and are given the support to pursue them, they are more powerful to deliver sustainable results.

The Highlands Leadership and Professional Development programs are the optimum solutions to help companies and organizations empower their employees to success.

For Faith-based and Spiritual Organizations

Imagine working with intention and loving what you do. Being able to do something meaningful is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Connect to your divine strengths and abilities to find meaning in your work. With the Highlands Whole Person Method, you will become a better steward of your natural talents.

Wield the same powerful tools that have served to guide thousands of individuals to live their true calling and experience greater growth within your own spiritual evolution.

For Career Counselors & Consultants

In taking a strengths-based approach with your clients, you create positive change by focusing on their strengths to achieve extraordinary results.

To build that strong foundation, you will need an assessment proven to generate reliable data. The time-tested HAB will give you an objective profile of your client’s inherent strengths and abilities.

With your guidance, adults, students, executives, and leaders build on their best qualities to be more resourceful and resilient in their careers. Join our global network of talented professionals and start changing lives.