Create Fulfillment in Your Life & Career

Continue on Your Journey of Self-Discovery After Taking the HAB

Whether it’s for yourself, your son or daughter, or someone you love, we understand the craving…you long for fulfillment. You want to spend your life doing work that matters—more than just a job that pays the bills, work that is fulfilling, work with a purpose that provides satisfaction and enjoyment.

For an organization, you want to see your organization thrive, with every employee fully engaged and contributing at their highest level.

We do too. We believe it’s every person’s right to enjoy a satisfying career, and we are passionately committed to making it possible.

That is why we developed the Don’t Waste Your Talent: Your Personal Vision to Life and Career Fulfillment coaching program, the next step in the Highlands Whole Person Method.

For Life & Career—The Whole Person

Your Personal Vision

There are eight essential factors that contribute to who you are, and part of developing a vision for your life and career includes evaluating each of those factors. We call it the Highlands Whole Person Model, and it’s integral to the process of creating your Personal Vision.

Without a holistic understanding of who you are, you’ll find yourself making career decisions based on outside pressures and expectations, and will ultimately live a life that is off-balance.

Your Whole Self

Craft Your Personal Vision

The single greatest predictor of success, a Personal Vision Statement is an articulated, detailed description of who you are and what you want. It’s a constantly evolving and powerful tool that equips you to deal with any setbacks or obstacles that life may present.

More than simply a wish or a goal, a Personal Vision describes both what is important to you and what you are going to do. It’s your roadmap and lifeline throughout life’s ups and downs.

Set Your Compass

Don’t Waste Your Talent Coaching Program

—The Next Step

Take your life and career to a new level with this powerful program. Guided by a Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC), you will journey through eight sessions designed to give you a holistic perspective on your life and career.

By the end of the program, you will have your own Personal Vision Statement—the single greatest predictor of success and satisfaction—articulating who you are and what you want.

Go Further

Moving from Stress to Balance

Are you caught in a Stress Cycle? If you feel rushed, discontent, and unsatisfied with your work—no matter how successful you might appear—you probably are. Fortunately, there’s an alternative to living in reactive mode. We call it the Balance Cycle, and it’s the optimum place to be, no matter what stage of life you are in.

Find Balance

Crisis as a Catalyst for Change

We all experience times when we are prompted to make changes—times when we hit a Turning Point. Turning Points typically take place at predictable intervals throughout life, according to a person’s age, and can be opportunities for improvement and growth.

But without taking time for deep thought and consideration, the changes people make are often reactive and shallow, and eventually lead back to the same problems. Is change for the better possible?

Positive Change