Consultant Profile

Valerie A. Duncan, Ph.D., MBA, MAOD

Valerie A. Duncan, Ph.D., MBA, MAOD

Company/Organization: Transform Consulting HR
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
Phone: (267) 227-0667
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



For over 20 years, Dr. Duncan has driven value in organizations through the effective integration of people, process, research, and technology. Her experiences include organizational consulting, organization development, change management, training and development, advising, coaching, employee relations, onboarding, and servant leadership and professional organization leadership. Dr. Duncan has served in industries such as healthcare, higher education, technology, professional organizations, non-profit and faith-based organizations.

As a Highlands Certified Consultant (HCC), Dr. Duncan seeks to offer her wealth of experience to assist individuals and organizations in understanding their natural abilities, how to best utilize their natural abilities to identify good-fit opportunities, and make better career choices that are fulfilling, meaningful, in alignment with their values, and that will help clarify the best environments where they can contribute their talents in the world and at work.



Dr. Duncan has over 20 years of experience in the workforce in various roles which allowed her to interact with diverse staff and leaders on all levels within organizations. She has had many opportunities to grow, develop personally and professionally, as well as help others by applying her knowledge, skills, experiences, and from having completed the Highlands Battery Ability Assessment personally. Additionally, Dr. Duncan has presented the Don’t Waste Your Talent workshop as a way of introducing the Highlands Battery Ability Assessment. Dr. Duncan is also the author of, The Heart of Leadership: Thoughts on Identifying, Recruiting, and Developing Emotional Intelligence to Enhance Organizational Effectiveness.

Education and Certifications


Doctor of Philosophy, Industrial and Organizational Psychology 2021
Capella University, MN

Masters Graduate Certificate, Training & Development, 2012
North Carolina State University, NC

Master of Arts, Organization Development 2005
Fielding Graduate University, CA

Master of Business Administration, Business Administration 2000
Eastern University, PA

Bachelor of Science, Business Administration
Specialization: Personnel and Labor Relations 1998
La Salle University, PA

Highlands Certified Consultant, Highlands Ability Battery Assessment, 2004
Certified Administrator, Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, 2006