Consultant Profile

Dr. Tom N. Tavantzis / Martha T. Tavantzis, MSW

Company/Organization: Innovative Management Development (IMD), P.C
Media, Pennsylvania USA
Phone: 610-420-0900
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams
Certified for:



Since 1986 our focus, has been on identifying and developing people’s strengths. Through the lens of strength-based, positive organizational psychology we have been helpful with a variety of groups: Students heading off to college, adults changing careers, teams looking to improve performance, leaders developing and articulating a vision or organizations looking to develop and empower their people. We use a variety of proven reliable and valid psychometric tools, including the Highlands Ability Battery, followed by our customized systematic group workshops or individual coaching.



We have 60-plus years of helping people and organizations change. Dr Tavantzis is among the first group of consultants certified by Highlands in 1993. He has personally provided 1000+ consults to people from ages 16-60 and conducted thousands of hours of group workshops and coaching!

Education and Certifications


Dr. Tavantzis received his degree from the SUNY at Albany and is a Licensed Psychologist. Dr Tavantzis is a long time Graduate Adjunct Professor, in Organizational Psychology, Saint Joseph’s Univ, Phila, PA. Martha Tavantzis received her MSW from Syracuse University and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with over 20 years of clinical and leadership experience.

Both are certified by Highlands, as well as numerous other organizations and delivery methods such as: a Standout Coach and Workshop leader (The Marcus Buckingham Company), ASSESS’s Suite of Tools (360 Multi-Rater Survey, Personality Survey and Competency Development), Imago Relationship Therapy, MBTI, FIRO-B, etc