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Steven Hwang

Steven Hwang

Company/Organization: Maximize - You
Montreal, Quebec
Phone: (438) 969-3700
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



My passion revolves around nurturing leadership and personal growth among the vibrant Gen Y and Z cohorts, spanning educational institutions, religious communities, and the dynamic corporate sphere. Research consistently emphasizes that the linchpin for retaining top talent in the corporate world extends beyond mere financial perks or vacation allowances; rather, it hinges on offering robust mentorship and ample opportunities for professional advancement within the organization.

Gone are the days of trying to shoehorn talented Gen Y and Z individuals into the rigid confines of a traditional corporate mold. Today’s emerging talent craves autonomy and seeks to carve out their own unique work environments, be it within established companies or through entrepreneurial endeavours. Recognizing and honing innate abilities is crucial. By pinpointing these natural talents, individuals can strategically channel their efforts into refining skills to an exceptional level of mastery, thereby optimizing the dividends yielded from their time and dedication.

Understanding one’s distinctive strengths empowers individuals to identify the core competencies they bring to the table and the complementary skills they may seek in collaborative partners to manifest their dreams. Undoubtedly, no dream or purpose materializes in isolation; it necessitates the synergy of a dream team or the cultivation of fruitful partnerships to actualize aspirations into tangible realities.



As a Canadian born in Taiwan, I grew up in Argentina and then moved to Montreal for over half of my life. I’ve been employed by the Government of Canada, where I worked for over 11 years. I have a great passion for the next generation of growth-minded pursuers to live with purpose and passion, which I believe are unquenchable forces of success in life and career.

🚀I help emerging leaders and entrepreneurs achieve their career and personal goals by providing transformative leadership training, Emotional Intelligence & DISC personality development and Highlands Battery Whole Person Coaching.

🌟With over two decades of experience in Sales Management, Operations, and Canadian Federal Public Service, I bring a wealth of practical knowledge to my coaching & Consulting.

🌟My approach is grounded in positive psychology, ensuring a holistic and trauma-informed perspective.

I offer an empathetic people-first approach, providing individualized attention and customized support to each client.

🌟 Value-Driven Leadership
📊 Whole-Person Program Development & Management
🚀 Entrepreneurship
🤝 Collaborative Problem Solving
🎓 Leadership Training & Coaching
📈 Business Coaching
😊 Positive Psychology
🧠 Self-Awareness
📚 Adult Education
🌱 Talent Development

🗣️ “In our Group DISC session, I valued most the tools to improve our communication with people around us, and how to deal with personalities so different (instead of rejecting or crossing them off directly). For example, I had a teacher in high school with whom I did not get along and with whom I had experienced much resentment. Now I understand that she had a very dominant personality (opposite of mine). If I had the knowledge I have now, my way of dealing with her would have been very different and we would have had a better relationship.”

🗣️”The Mastermind class gave me the continual support and the necessary push to give birth to the purposes of God that is in me. It kept me on track when I ran with my vision. What I loved the most was the sharing of personal experiences and deep thoughts among like-minded peers, I felt like flying with the eagles :)”

🗣️ Through his unique curiosity-based laser coaching questions approach, I was able to gain clarity quickly and take action on my goals. Steven utilized high emotional intelligence and highly active listening skills to actively listen during our sessions. He consistently created a safe space and judgment-free zone each time… and demonstrated he had my best interest at heart…I have gained a better understanding of who I am as a person since.”

My Story
I remember not having a clue what to do with my life after my graduation with a Bachelor’s degree. I struggled with this feeling my whole since my teens. After two decades of trial and error, confusion, and job-hopping, I became clearer in my 40’s. By then, I worked in all sorts of jobs in different industries: a starter in clothing import/wholesale, retail sales, inventory & management, educational consultant, transport logistics, technical support specialist, internet affiliate marketing, and then my Public Service job I still hold to this day.

I was committed twice to a mental hospital in my early 30s, during which I became obese and went through a major depression that almost led me to end my life. After 10 ‘silent and hidden’ years of recovery, I began to build my life back to where it is now with help from God.
After my years of struggle for clarity, a mission was born in me of helping others find their clarity amid their struggles – in finding their purpose and passion in their career and life.

I created coaching processes that combine the most crucial steps of my years of struggle-breakthrough, personal trial and error, and research-based study, and my task now is to serve as many people as possible with these processes so they can experience these same breakthroughs for themselves without the long years of confusion I’ve experienced.

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Education and Certifications


• Harvard BOK Higher Education Teaching Certificate – Harvard Online Education – 2024

• Maxwell Leadership Method of Coaching, Training & Speaking – Maxwell Leadership Team – 2022

• Internet Business and Technology Graduate Diploma w/out programming coding courses – McGill University – 2013

• The University of Western Ontario, BA of Arts, Philosophy and Political Science – 2000
o (Western Distinction Scholarship, Excellency in Academic Performance- 1998)

• Executive & Organizational Coaching Certification – International Christian Coaching Association (ICCA) – 2024

• Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse 2.0 – Light University – 2024

• Decision-Making: Blending Art & Science – The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth – 2024

• Super-Bosses: Managing Talent & Leadership – The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth – 2024

• Foundations of Mental Health Coaching – Liberty University – 2023

• Trauma-Informed Coaching 201: Critical Issues and Skill Development – Light University – 2023

• High-Performance Collaboration: Leadership, Teamwork, and Negotiation – Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University – 2023

• Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion Licensed Trainer – Empowered Living Teaching – 2023

• Exercising Leadership: Foundational Principles – Harvard Online – 2023

• Career Counselor 2.0 – Light University – 2023

• 15 Invaluable Laws of Growth Certification – Maxwell Leadership Team – 2022

• The EQ Project (Emotional Intelligence) Trainer – Empowered Living Teaching Team – 2022

• DISC Advanced Behavioral Analysis Consultant – Maxwell Leadership Team – 2021