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Steve Colley

Steve Colley

Company/Organization: Waypoint College Consulting, LLC
415 North McKinley Street, Suite 465-E
Little Rock, Arkansas USA
Phone: (501) 712-3252
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



My mission is to help students and young professionals discover a path that will lead to a fulfilling experience in higher education and in their careers. I started my college consulting practice on the belief that every student deserves the opportunity to discover who they are, what they want in life, and learn how to achieve it. I focus my work on high school students seeking admission to college, veterans transitioning from the military to school, older non-traditional students looking to go back to college, and young professionals seeking graduate degrees.

My college admissions strategy starts by helping students discover themselves and developing a personal vision that will lead to increased chances of admission to their best-fit college. I use the Highlands Ability Battery as a tool to help students and young professionals discover their natural abilities and begin the process of developing their personal vision. This informs my approach to each individual student on how I will provide personalized college planning and professional guidance for navigating college applications and the financial aid process.

I am always excited to meet new students and young professionals because I look forward to guiding them through self-reflection and helping them discover themselves. I always enjoy finding ways to empower every kind of student and point them in the right direction. I love the challenge of helping students and families research and find the right college match while strategizing upcoming essays and applications. Ultimately, my goal is to keep my students’ interests at the forefront of my work and ensure that they enroll in a college or graduate program that makes them proud and is a place where they can thrive.



Over the past ten years, I have mentored many college-bound students and young professionals. I have learned that active listening with compassion and empathy is the foundation of good counseling. I know that I can get the best outcome from my students if I can find a way to empower them rather than dictate what they should do. But my story provides much more than just the ability to listen and empower.

While I come from a humble beginning as the son of a young immigrant, I was later privileged with wonderful support in and out of high school in Little Rock, Arkansas. I have seen both sides of the spectrum of support that students may or may not receive. I want to be a voice for the under-served and help all students across our community not only access college but discover and enroll in their best-fit college.

After high school, I received my bachelor’s degree from the U.S. Naval Academy. Subsequently, I served as a Marine Corps officer who led hundreds of Marines and sailors worldwide, including combat in Afghanistan. My training and leadership experience taught me a lot about mentoring young men and women through their career development or personal challenges. Those moments as a leader and mentor were some of my fondest memories during my military service, which is why I pursued my interest in helping college-bound students and young professionals after I left the Marines.

Following my service in the Marine Corps, I moved to Washington, DC, where I gained the skills and knowledge to become a great consultant. I learned how to research, analyze, and develop concise recommendations from large amounts of information and present them to high-level executives, Senators, and Congressmen. This experience took me through the halls of Congress, think tanks, and non-profit organizations. I later formalized my education in these skills at Harvard University and received my Master’s in Public Policy.

Having the consulting skills, passion for serving students, and the ability to listen and empower are not sufficient without knowing colleges and the admissions process. That is why I took the time to become an associate member of the Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA). This professional organization thoroughly vetted my background and education. It ensured that I demonstrated the highest standards in education, training, ethics, and experience. I also took six graduate-level courses at UCLA for college counseling, attended several professional conferences, and received formal training from the IECA and the Southern Association for College Admissions Counseling. I also toured several colleges and continue to do so regularly. I stay in touch with admissions officers, high school counselors, and consultants to discuss the latest trends in college admissions with my colleagues around the world. My professional development in college counseling is vitally important because I want to provide my students and their families with the best advice I can.

Education and Certifications


BS Political Science, U.S. Naval Academy
MPP, Harvard University
College Counseling Certificate Program – UCLA Extension