Consultant Profile

Sam Gorham, DSL, ACC, PMP

Sam Gorham, DSL, ACC, PMP

Company/Organization: G2 Strategic Partners
Peachtree Corners, Georgia USA
Phone: (404) 932-5662
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



As a coach, I am passionate about helping individuals feel fulfilled so that he or she is living life to the fullest at home and supporting teams made up of individuals as they strive to be as effective as possible. To accomplish this, I specialize in individual and organizational development for students, adults, or teams.

I work with individuals ranging from high school through graduate school, young professionals, and leaders wanting to expand their horizons. I often hear individuals express concerns such as, “I like my job but I am not challenged enough,” “I just do not like my job or my boss,” or “what job can I do that truly makes me happy.” These concerns are not always easy to overcome, but I have a desire for working with people to help them better understand not only their strengths but also their natural abilities in order to do this. I then tailor an approach and develop a plan specifically to meet each person’s goals and objectives.

In addition, I work within organizations for employee and team growth. With 30 years of experience in corporate environments, I have led organizational transformation initiatives and coached employees and teams within various industries including consulting, entertainment, financial services, healthcare, home improvement, supply chain, and telecommunications. Because of this vast experience, I have a passion for consulting with organizations to help them increase employee and team efficiency through reflection, understanding, and improvement.

Education and Certifications


D.S.L. with concentration in Strategic Leadership, M.B.A. with concentration in Project Management, B.S. with concentration in Supply Chain Management.

Certified as a Highlands Ability Battery Coach, an Associate Certified Coach (ACC), a Project Management Professional (PMP), an Agile professional, a Six Sigma Master Black Belt, a Human Resource Management professional, a Business Coach, and as The Effective Facilitator.

Professional Memberships:
International Coaching Federation, Project Management Institute, International Leadership Association, and Southeast Association of Facilitators.