Consultant Profile

Nicola McCrabbe, PCC

Nicola McCrabbe, PCC

Company/Organization: Nicola McCrabbe
3921 15A Street SW
Phone: (403) 481-6063
Clients Served: Adults, Leaders, Teams



I help overwhelmed professionals and teams be more resilient while having a life.

As part of my work on resilience and the highlands, I work with clients to achieve a good career fit. I help them uncover who they “really are,” after they remove the “should’s” and assumptions about what society believes to be successful.

We look for career adjustments after uncovering motivators and abilities. Whether this is a tiny bit of job crafting or a more significant transition, I’ll help them to look at their options and support them in their transition.

As a Highlands Certified Consultant, I enjoy enabling people to work to their strengths and consider their career options more confidently. I partner with clients in their 20-50’s to assess, reflect, explore and finally transition to more meaningful and satisfying work.



I’m a facilitator at heart. I’m also a coach, teacher, and writer, roles I’ve been fortunate to combine.

As an executive leadership coach with a background in computer science, I get the technical stuff but love the people stuff. I transitioned from being a computer science “junkie” to a people “junkie” over 15 years ago. I believe that Better People make for Better Teams and Organizations.

My passion for Better People started in my earliest days of teaching. Some of my proudest moments involved empowering weaker students to feel good about themselves and their work. I helped them discover their strengths which in turn allowed them to succeed and be successful. My stint in the IT corporate world allowed me to work and learn about high-performing teams.

As a coach, I help clients move forward, get unstuck and realize their vision.

Education and Certifications


• BEd in Education (Business Studies & Computer Studies), Queen’s University, Belfast, Uk
• MSc in Computer Science & Applications, Queen’s University, Belfast, Uk
• ICF PCC Coach, College of Executive Coaching, New York, US
• Certified in the Highlands Ability Battery