Consultant Profile

Maura Koutoujian, PCC, CPHWC

Maura Koutoujian, PCC, CPHWC

Company/Organization: Coaching Through Conversation
605 N Michigan Ave
Suite 415
Chicago, Illinois USA
Phone: (312) 218-0016
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



Imagine walking along a riverbank…heading downstream with a canoe over your shoulder. You get about 100 yards down the river and put your canoe in the water; you then paddle really hard upstream. It’s exhausting…energy spent in fighting the natural flow of things.

Now imagine…placing your canoe in the water and paddling downstream…floating along with the current … navigating the rocks in the river with ease. This is what it feels like to identify and use your strengths in concert with your values, your curiosities, and ultimately your vision.

With the concepts we’ll discuss during your Highlands Ability Battery debrief you’ll be able to articulate your innate abilities – and once you begin leaning into those abilities you’ll experience less stress and a greater sense of purpose, meaning, and a new found confidence. As a strengths-based coach I believe that strengths cross many verticals…strength of character, talents, resources, interests, and, as measured in the HAB – abilities.

I work with individuals, leaders and creative teams to find new ways of thinking and growing their agility, resilience, and creativity in the face of uncertainty. I believe – through coaching – it’s possible to become comfortable with ambiguity and use it to fuel your curiosity, grow your understanding and inspire action.



I currently own and operate Coaching Through Conversation:
Thoughtful conversations generate empathy, learning, problem solving, motivation, and a sense of wellbeing. Through active listening, kindness, and a safe environment, I create that trusted space that will empower you to make the changes you want.

I began my career as a professional photographer and later transitioned to a career as an artist and entrepreneur. As owner of Henry Moss Ltd., I founded, created and developed a unique retail concept for a high-end general store and gourmet food market. My experiences as an entrepreneur were featured in the book “A Shop of One’s Own: Women Who Turned the Dream Into Reality.”

I served as Director of Operations for Treacy Marketing Group where I led all aspects of business operations, including HR, legal and accounting.
I was an integral part of Jody Michael Associates working as a Career Coach from 2011-2018.

Education and Certifications


I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. My coaching distinctions include Highlands Certified Consultant, JMA Career Coach Certification, and a Health and Wellness Coaching Certification through Wellcoaches School of Coaching