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Marcus P. Gray

Marcus P. Gray

Company/Organization: Odyssey College Prep
Little Rock, Arkansas USA
Phone: (501) 920-4393
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams
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Many see college as a precursor to a great career or destructive dive into debt. With an understanding of their talents and strengths, students can spend their college years preparing for their dream job, not searching for it.

I take a holistic approach to college planning with the end in mind. I don’t just want to get students into a competitive college; I want them to be successful and happy professionals years after they graduate.

To do this, I use the Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) to help students and professionals discover their talents so that they can confidently prepare for their futures.

With an accurate knowledge of their natural abilities, students gain the following benefits:

  • The jobs they will thrive in
  • How they best learn
  • Their optimal professional environments
  • What size college will fit them best

Without knowing their natural abilities early, students take massive risks. They could graduate without a professional direction and be burdened with tremendous debt. Fortunately, these risks are avoidable.

There’s no aspect of college preparation that the HAB can’t help with. My staff and I use the HAB to customize your student’s ACT/SAT prep, plan and coach students through their college essays and strategize scholarship projects.

We empower students to optimize their college experience, and we can’t wait to help yours.



I’ve worked for ten years in the college prep industry. I’ve helped hundreds of students optimize their college experience. Whether it’s helping a high school student prepare for the ACT or a college student choose their major, there’s little in the college planning process I haven’t done.

My degrees are in Professional & Technical Writing and Speech Communication.

My work as a college prep coach requires me to wear two primary hats: college planning and ACT/SAT prep.

In the college planning process, I use my training in networking, storytelling, writing and public speaking to help students present their best selves to prospective colleges and employers.

In the ACT/SAT prep process, I use the HAB and other data-driven assessments to show students how they best learn and optimize their test prep experience.

Together with my staff of amazing tutors, we have the tools and talents needed to get your student into their dream school.

Education and Certifications


UA Little Rock: BA in Professional & Technical Writing, Speech Communication
Certifications: Mindprint, Proscan