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Lisa Ott

Lisa Ott

1250 Jackling Dr.
Burlingame, California USA
Phone: (415) 990-3622
Clients Served: Students, Adults



Lisa Ott is a certified Highlands Ability Battery consultant, mother of three children, and a graduate of Vanderbilt University. With over 85+ hours of training, Lisa works with individuals, primarily ages 14 – 30 years old, in order to help them find the right college or career. The HAB helps reduce the anxiety that comes with the overwhelming number of choices kids feel they have to make today.




As a business professional, I’ve taken several different kinds of behavior and aptitude tests. My experience with Lisa Ott as a Highlights coach differentiated the testing experience for me in a very positive way. The personal attention and insights gleaned by Lisa led to deeper conversations around my personal what, how and why. She dug in — and emphasized the relation between my results and testing indices that made me consider my life experience and path in a novel way. I’ve reflected on our conversations and perspective gleaned there and applied it across multiple personal and professional conversations as I navigate a career pivot. She helped highlight or reinforce for me where I can play to strengths. Critical to me at this mid-life shift and growth spurt!
Crista, CEO

Thank you so much for all your help and all of this fantastic information. I GOT THE JOB! I want to thank you for all your support and all the work you’ve done to help me reach this point of confidence, as well as my understanding of some ingrained qualities. Who knew?! I’m so happy to have worked with you during this process.
Amara, College Student

Thank you so much for such an amazing experience! I loved it! I have been thinking about it non-stop! I am forever grateful.
Jenny, Adult professional

I landed a job as a Wildland Firefighter with the county fire department, which is awesome! I did check out O-NET and saw some really cool positions.
Matt, College Graduate