Consultant Profile

Kristen Phifer

Company/Organization: The KDA Assessment Group, LLC
2327 Eaglerock Dr.
Houston, Texas USA
Second Location:
37 Rogers Wood, San Antonio, Texas, United States, 78248
Phone: (281) 684-6153
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders



*Students ages 15-25 seeking guidance for career & college selection specifically utilizing our own College Central Program
*Adults desiring a career change employing our own Career Focus Plan
*Individuals seeking increased personal understanding and self-management tools to assist them in leading a more balanced life
*Our history includes working with clients throughout the U.S. and some students who are English-speaking internationals



After first becoming acquainted with these assessments in 1995, Kristen now applies her years of experience in the corporate world involving human resources management, training, and consulting to her role of career and college advising.

Education and Certifications


Highlands Consultant—Certification
Specialized seminars & workshops in guidance and personal development
B.B.A. in Management from Texas A&M University