Consultant Profile

K.C. Thompson. Ph.D.

K.C. Thompson. Ph.D.

Company/Organization: College Wayfinders Educational Consulting
3020 Issaquah Pine Lake Rd., SE #53
Sammamish, Washington USA
Phone: (206) 234-6906
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



I specialize in guiding high school students and their families through the college application process, offering comprehensive college counseling and career guidance services rooted in the Highlands Whole Person Model and the Highlands Ability Battery Aptitude testing program.

The key to the college application process is strategy. As an Independent Educational Consultant, I assist in various aspects:
• Creating a well-rounded college list considering financial and academic suitability
• Advising on optimal high school classes that align with potential college majors
• Facilitating student engagement in extracurricular activities during summers and after school
• Assisting in the selection of teachers for recommendation letters
• Advising on Early Decision or Early Action applications
• Maximizing scholarships and college merit awards
• Managing deadlines actively supporting students throughout the college application process
• Developing a cohesive and compelling personal statement that authentically portrays the student’s narrative
• Preparing for interviews and offering guidance on letters of appeal

My primary goal is to preserve multiple options to ensure that the student and their family feel confident in the decisions they make. The high school transcript remains the most important part of the college application and the higher the GPA and greater the rigor, the more options the student will have. However, it is the experiences students have outside of the classroom that not only make the difference as to which school they are accepted to, but also provide crucial self-awareness so the student can make more informed choices about which schools and majors they are interested in. Summer after junior year remains a crucial time for students to have a powerful experience in the form of a summer internship, research experience or volunteer position they can write about in their personal statement, supplemental essays and activity list.

My mentoring approach focuses on teaching students how to attain authentic excellence by:
• Implementing their passions into practical actions
• Creating opportunities to showcase their creative interests through tangible achievements such as leadership roles and awards
• Cultivating new opportunities that foster self-confidence and real-world problem-solving skills at an adult level

The ultimate outcome is a fulfilled student armed with a meticulously crafted application that enables college admissions representatives to envision the individual they would welcome onto their campus.



With The College Board, my role as an Educational Consultant encompassed:
• Developing specialized curriculum to prepare teachers for Advanced Placement Human Geography
• Demonstrating expertise as the primary consultant entrusted for teaching curriculum across the Midwest and Northeast regions
• Assisting with the development of AP Human Geography Annual Exams to ensure reliability and validity of test questions and served as Exam Reader
• Delivering workshops at the National Council for Geographic Education and the Association for American Geographers linking research and practice, particularly around concepts of population and scale

In my role as an Evaluation Consultant at the Apex Teacher’s Academy, I was responsible for:
• Conducting extensive semi-annual evaluations to provide feedback to Program Directors requiring interviews among stakeholders within each school district and statistical analyses across 11 school districts
• Collaborating within cross-functional teams among funders and organizational leaders to assess program needs, ensure alignment of program outcomes with the overarching vision, and recommending actionable solutions to optimize effectiveness
• Facilitating workshops with teachers and administrators centered on strategic change, with topics ranging from consensus building and buy-in to data driven decision making and capacity building

These experiences allowed me to contribute substantively to curriculum development, assessment refinement, and program enhancement while fostering collaborative environments conducive to strategic educational change.

Education and Certifications


Ph.D., Cognitive Studies in Education
Master of Arts, Teaching Secondary Social Studies

Certifications include:
• National Council for Geographic Education First Place Dissertation Award
• National AERA/Spencer National Doctoral Fellowship Award
• Brunch Doctoral Fellowship and Alumni Doctoral Fellowship
• Laura Fruchs Award for Excellence in Teaching