Consultant Profile

Jeanne B. Couchman

Jeanne B. Couchman

Nashville, Tennessee 37205 USA
Phone: (615) 933-9037
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams
Certified for: DWYT PV Coaching Program



In 2019, Jeanne relocated to the rolling green hills of Middle Tennessee where she embraced mentorship as a full-time focus, discovered Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) in April 2020 and lept at the opportunity to become a Highlands Certified Consultant and Certified Personal Vision Coach.

Jeanne is currently enjoying a more satisfying career path through providing structure for students and professionals to reach personal and professional fulfillment. Whether looking to improve your business, tweek or alter your career path, or choose your college major, Jeanne looks forward to partnering with you on blazing your unique path.

In addition to career coaching, Jeanne enjoys hiking, adventure and history-related travel, recreational volleyball and couch time with cat Terra.”



Jeanne grew up in rural northwestern Pennsylvania before attending Millersville University in Lancaster, PA. At MU, Jeanne earned a Bachelor of Arts degree with a minor in Graphics Communications.

Jeanne began her professional career in the Financial Documents (Mutual Funds) Compliance Industry. There, she climbed the corporate ladder through various project management roles. In 2015, she accepted a regional management position in the Chicago headquarters office.

Throughout her career in financial document compliance, Jeanne often felt she was capable of doing, contributing and thriving more. After four years in Chicago, she reached a tipping point and chose to leave the industry in pursuit of a better fit. Jeanne realized her core passion for staff development and mentoring could be utilized in a more fulfilling way and on her own terms.