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Diana Dawson MA, MSc

Diana Dawson MA, MSc

Company/Organization: Working Career
32 Albany Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
Phone: 07894322213
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams
Certified for:




Working with individuals, Diana has helped hundreds of people to identify, approach and achieve a career which allows them to flourish at work and fulfil their personal potential. Working Career’s organizational and corporate clients have included GlaxoSmithKline, BBC, City of Edinburgh Council, The University of Edinburgh, RBS, BP, The Scottish Government, NHS and Deloitte. Diana’s individual clients have come from different backgrounds and sectors including the private, public and charity sectors.

Diana and The Highlands Ability Battery

Diana has used the Highlands Ability Battery with clients for over 15 years. Working Career has Career Change and Career Development programs that use The HAB as the core foundation for individuals to find their natural strengths and abilities. The programs build on that knowledge by looking at other aspects such as experiences, mindset, personality traits, values and skills that affect career success and happiness. This allows Diana to work on career ideas and action plans with the client so they can move forward to a fulfilling career-life.

According to Diana, “More and more evidence suggests that being happy and fulfilled at work has a big impact on individuals’ well-being and productivity.”

Something we here at Highlands value, too.

Why Diana Chooses The Highlands Ability Battery?

Diana finds the HAB to be an objective assessment. Often individuals do not want to second guess themselves but want valid information about their strengths and abilities. They also like some career ideas and information to contemplate. Most clients I work with who do the assessment say “why have I not done this before!” as they find the information they gain form it invaluable. The HAB sometimes results in clients discovering hidden abilities that they can then experiment with too.

Diana says that the HAB generally “gives clients the confidence and evidence that they can get more from their career – whether that be changing careers or developing their careers by using their strengths more.”

Results provided by the HAB allow clients to understand why previous work has been difficult and then illuminates the path towards finding more fulfilling work.

“I have had hundreds of clients take the HAB. As a result, I have had clients change direction totally from being from human resources to public relations and from a high-flying sales executive to a stay-at-home blogger!”

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Previous business experience

Before founding Working Career in 2002, Diana had roles in various organizations including The Boots Company plc, with responsibilities including Supply Chain Management and Product and Marketing Management. Diana also worked in recruitment for five years.

She says: “I am passionate about helping people optimise their talents and navigate career change. I am committed to my clients’ success, and guided by these values:

Results-focused: I am here to help you achieve your goals.
Non-judgemental: I offer support and positive regard; I do not judge you.
Respectful of individuality: We are all different; we all need different things from work and life.
Positivity and humour: Things can get bad, but there is always an upside.
Belief in you: Anything is possible. If you have the will, you will find the way.
Expertise: You can never stop learning about yourself and the wonders of the universe”

Education and Certifications


About Diana

Diana Dawson, founder of Working Career, is an Accredited Master Coach with the Association for Coaching, a qualified Career Coach and Career Counsellor, and a Business Psychologist specializing in Executive and Career Coaching. With over 20 years experience of advising both individuals and organizations, Diana has supported and enabled hundreds of people to achieve their individual and career goals.

Diana is based in Edinburgh, Scotland but works with people from around the UK and the world. She is a Member of The British Psychological Society, The Association for Coaching and The Institute of Career Development. Diana holds a:

• MA in Psychology
• MSc in Career Counselling and Management
• MSc in Occupational Psychology
• Certificate in Coaching Psychology
• Certificate in Neuroscience for Coaches
• Advanced Practitioner in Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ)
• Level A and B in Psychometric Assessment
• Level 2 in Mental Awareness.