Consultant Profile

Cindy Valliere

Cindy Valliere

Company/Organization: The Self Consultancy
Charlotte, North Carolina 28203 USA
Phone: (704) 900-6292
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams


Cindy Valliere is an advisor, coach, and founder of The Self Consultancy™, a learning and development company, and home to The Best of You, a whole-person career and life development program. Its foundational content is derived from self-development teachings, personal branding concepts, behavioral psychology, spiritual truths, science based assessments, and Cindy’s personal life experiences.

For two decades, her practice has attracted dynamic individuals with a mission to become the best version of themselves. Their professions range from executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals, to business owners, millennials, and students.

The Highlands Ability Battery is an integral part of her The Best of You program and can also can be administered as a "stand-alone" instrument.


Cindy is passionate about teaching, coaching, and writing and merge these skills with her life experiences to facilitate life change in others. She views each person as a container of pure potential – some unrealized, others not fully optimized – as there is always room for growth. She is keenly intuitive and inspirational with an uncanny talent to X-ray the truth, which she boldly shares.

Everyone has a story to tell, and Cindy is both humbled and honored to be invited into the lives of so many. She began her coaching practice in 1999 and has an amazing 28-year old son. She administered the Highlands Battery to him when he was fifteen, which proved to be instrumental in defining a career path he still enjoys today.

Education and Certifications

• University of Arizona, B.S. • Coach University Graduate • Credentialed Behavior, Motivators, and EQ Analyst with TTI Success Insights • Certified Highlands Consultant • Duke Integrative Medicine´s Health Coach graduate