Consultant Profile

Bob Covey / Jill Richmond-Covey

Company/Organization: LifeWork
206 Roxbury Road
Niantic, Connecticut USA
Phone: (860) 691-799
Clients Served: Students, Adults, Leaders, Teams



We help you make the most of the eye-opening experience of taking the Highlands Ability Battery. We see you as a whole person in the context of your life. Working with us, you will incorporate Battery results into what you already know to obtain useable, practical information. We offer a personalized process designed to find the right learning and right action framework for you. Our goal is for you to become adept at applying your Highlands profile to your learning and/or career environment. Transitions can then become opportunities for growth and greater self-expression!



Highlands certified in 1997, we operate LifeWork, a professional coaching company. Our psychotherapy background has shown us how many people could benefit from core career services. Our professional experience and coach training provide tools and inspiration.

Education and Certifications


Cornell/Rutgers, LCSW.
Board Certified
Comprehensive Coaching U